What To Expect


Women In Need Gaining Strength (WINGS) is a program offered through LIA, specifically to women who are single, widowed, coming out of abusive relationships or finding themselves unexpectedly in crisis situations and needing help.

As a program of Life In Abundance,  WINGS seeks to restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance to individuals by providing a safe, confidential and therapeutic environment in which to heal. The counseling part of our ministry seeks to help people become free from recurring personal and interpersonal problems through a direct and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Bible speaks to all areas of our lives. Unfortunately, there are many Christians who are unable or unaware of how to apply its teachings in a practical way in their daily lives. We seek to help clients learn and apply biblical truths in tangible, practical, and specific ways. We believe that if people understand and apply biblical truths to their lives, choose to live daily as active members of the Body of Christ, and authentically love God and love His people, then they will be equipped to serve as the hands and feet of Christ.

Our Approach

It is our belief that change must begin within ourselves as we look to Christ for the power to change.  Therefore, WINGS (Women In Need Gaining Strength) asks you to approach your experience with us as an opportunity for personal change and spiritual growth.

We ask that you refrain from the temptation of focusing on others, and instead we ask you to focus on what changes God desires to make in your life, in the midst of your circumstances. Throughout the process, you are encouraged to pray and read the Bible daily, as well as trust in God’s leadership in your life. Your counselor will also be praying for you as you seek to move through this process.


Each WINGS client determines the limits of confidentiality, and such limits are honored. Accordingly, records will not be released to anyone outside the Life In Abundance/WINGS staff unless a signed release is obtained. It is the policy of Life In Abundance/WINGS that any information you share with a representative will be carefully guarded and cannot be disclosed without your written consent. The following exceptions are to be adhered to by all health care professionals, as well as professional counselors, according to state law.

  1. It is required by law that all counselors have a duty to warn the appropriate authorities if a client intends to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal actions against himself/herself or someone around him/her.
  2. Professional counselors are also mandated to report any incidences of “reasonable suspected child abuse” (physical or sexual), elder abuse, or suicide attempts.

Individual Growth Plan

Our organization seeks to empower women to be their best: emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We do this by walking alongside them through difficult life situations, directing them to appropriate resources, helping them think through life-changing decisions and tough choices, providing accountability for their actions and choices, and by celebrating their victories with them.

The WINGS program is designed to develop an Individualized Growth Plan  (IGP) for each woman in need, in order to provide necessary accountability for her as she is transitioning out of her current crisis or situational difficulty. Each IGP is established between the client and her WINGS representative and counselor. This step by step plan helps our clients implement structure, build confidence in decision making, create a strong support network, and surround herself with positive Christian influence and encouragement. Each client’s progress is monitored through regular client contact and communication with community resources as needed.

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